Construction begins on the 2007 UMR Solar House!

Last weekend a group of awesome UMR Solar House Team members began construction on the 2007 UMR Solar House. Even though it was cold and snow was threatening, they were working hard. Check out the pictures below. (click on them to enlarge)

This is the foundation with 2 feet of water and ice. Josh worked for hours breaking up the 3 inch thick ice.

This is the 42 foot long base structure for the entire house. Thanks to Boise Cascade for donating a major chunck of the subfloor! Notice the 2002 and 2005 previous competition houses in the background. This will be the third solar powered in the UMR SOLAR VILLAGE!

Look at those hard workers!

What a beautiful frame! 30 minutes later it’s snowing.

Solar Village Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of the UMR Solar Village will be on October 20th, 2006. We will also have the ground breaking ceremony for the 2007 solar house project. We envite everyone to come check out the village and support our renewable energy awareness efforts.

National Solar Tour

The Solar Village will be open for tour on October 7th, 2006 for the National Solar Tour put on by American Solar Energy Society. Come on by and see UMR’s Solar Village! The village is located 808 W. 10th St. across from the Gale Bullman Multipurpose Center.

2005 House Siding Completed

Today we finished the siding on the 2005 house. The outside is almost complete! All that is left is the solar panels and painting the siding.


The 2002 house only has interior painting left! The inside of the house was a dust storm with all the sanding going on today. Thats going to take a lot of clean up.

2002 house almost running on solar again!

Today we rewired the 2002 house to run the electric systems to the basement. The inverters, power point trackers, and batteries are all mounted and ready to be wired. Tomorrow the lights will be turned on!

Roof Placed on the 2005 House

Today the team placed almost all the roof sections on the 2005 house. Thanks to Thermocore of Missouri, we almost have it looking like a house finally… well from the outside.

05 boom2_sm.JPG


2005 UMR Solar House Moves Into The Solar Village

The UMR Solar Village is under construction! The 2002 house has been placed on site and the 2005 will be moving on this weekend! Come out and watch us make these four pieces into one beautiful home!

Solar village takes shape

Fortunately, the UMR Solar House Team builds its houses in easy-to-take-apart sections (well, relatively easy). Here, part of the house built for the 2002 Solar Decathlon awaits a transitioning to a new, permanent foundation. Read More…