Living in the Solar Village

Can students live in the Solar Village?
Yes any student can live in the Solar Village. Because it is on campus, is also counts as Campus Approved Housing for Freshman and Sophmore students who are required to live on campus. The leases typically run June 1-May 31.
The Solar Village is first open to members of the solar house team. If no one from the Solar House team wants to live there, it is then open to members of the members of the Student Deisgn and Experiential Learning Center (SDELC, After that the house is available to the entire campus. The selection process has never left the SDELC.
For the 2008-2009 year, we will have three houses available for rent. If you would like more information, contact the Student Design and Experiential Learning Center in the 112 Engineering Research Lab (behind Computer Science).


  1. Grant Gerlach says

    My dad loves the fact that we do the solar house at this school and wants to buy one at some point in time, would this be possible?

  2. He will definitively be able to buy a solar home at some time, there are several companies building them currently. However, the plans for our particular houses are not considered complete for commerical construction purposes.