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The House is On its Way!

There were a few hickups as the team was preparing for the house to ship, but it finally got on the road, on its way to DC.  We had to do some redesign for the pick points on Tuesday afternoon so that we could fold down our roof.  Wednesday the roof was down just before the rain hit.
That left us all day Wednesday to move our house out into the street for the semi to drive underneath.  The good news was we had all day, the bad news was that it rained, all day long.  we were hoping it would let up around 2 so we started then but the rain still persisted.  We worked till late hours to get our house out into the street.
The Solar House barely avoids a stop sign.

Friday morning at 6:45 I got a call from the truck driver wanting to know the specifics of where to go for our load.  The driver was an hour early but that was ok by us.  We spent all day lifting the house, then strapping it down, shrink wrapping it and putting a few tarps on it. 
The hectic part of it was that the trailer we received was a foot higher than the one speced out on the bid.  So we had to do some creative driving and moving of communication lines to get our house out of Rolla.  In addition, Friday night the sun was setting fast so we had to postpone it till Saturday morning. So Saturday morning there was one car left in the way before the house could be on its way, so we had to get it towed.  A bit after 9:30 the house was gone and everyone rejoiced.
The Show-Me Solar team shares a group hug after seeing the house off

Now we are finishing up loose ends and cleaning up our site.  Next time we see the house hopefully it will be in one piece on the national mall!

Luke Sudkamp