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Solar Power Base Ball

Can you spot the solar panels?  Here is a picture that I took during a Saint Louis Cardinal Baseball game this past summer.  If you look closely you can see them in the background of the crowd above the concession stand. Bush Stadium has partnered up with a few companies including Microgrid Energy, the Electrical Connection and Sachs Electric to ensure baseball fans get their hotdogs grilled up by solar power. Energy costs have in fact been cut by up to 20 percent since the new ballpark opened in 2006. The ballpark has a huge commitment to do as much as they can to go green including cutting water usage by 10 percent. By further adding these solar arrays they are sure to cut even more energy. Their are 106 panels that are set atop the roof of the ticket building and the canopy out in left centerfield. The actual panels are manufactured by Schott Solar and are not connected to any batteries because they are fed to the grid directly. Thus the panels are only supplying power to the stadium. Each year the panels will provide about 32,000kWh of pure clean energy.  Here is a link to watch a little video about them. GO CARDS!

Julie Glenn