Tower Garden Produce aided in Chameleon House Dinner

During the solar decathlon we had to host a dinner party for 8. This was a chance to show off our house and at the same time compete. The stove and oven had to be in working order along with having a comfortable sitting room temperature. The display of lights had to be on to better show how our house had a warm ambiance with the perfect placement of light features. Team members cooked for representatives from other teams and a VIP guest. Our Very Important Person was Chancellor Schrader. She helped us host a very successful dinner made by our own Chameleon House Crew. The fancy menu that was created included tasty treats such as salmon, rice, green beans, and wong- tong appetizers. Peanut-butter chocolate pie was the delicious dessert that many people chowed down on. The Solar House chefs included fresh herbal items from our tower garden donated from Missouri S and T alum Paul Sticker. This tower garden was on display through out the Solar Decathlon event and added a homey natural element to our home. Not to mention the variety of herbs added a nice aroma to the house. “Dr.Paul” says that the benefits are all around for this thing and boy do we agree. We used this self-sustaining eco-friendly product and fell in love. It Uses 90% less water and nutrients than traditional growing. The tower garden is beyond organic and also grows 20 plants in 30 to 50% less time than soil. Water conservation, food safety, land scarcity, and soil deprivation are problems we all face today on a global scale. But with this easy to use tower garden those issues can be met head on. Not only doing your part to make this world a better place but you can personally benefit from the natural foods with the healthy nutrients they provide.

To learn more and gain one of these towers for yourself Check out the website  please contact Paul at 619-867-2403 or email at . To gain more insider tips on farming please feel free to contact our very own Missouri S & T alum. Paul would love to give advice about perhaps making your own herbal garden.  You will become a professional chef just like the Solar House team in no time at all with the aid of this herbal garden. Here they are pictured below working those all nighters with the team!!! Thanks alum for the love!!!

IMAG2421  IMAG2422 IMAG2423

These herb towers would look great on a porch or solarium. Pictured here are Solar house team members Bobby Folk and Chris Bowe. They are taste testing and tending to the easy to care for garden. We placed a short garden in the sun-room and the pictured one is on the front porch. Above their heads you can see the bi-facial solar panels. The other picture is the table set up for our dinner in the Chameleon House with VIP Chancellor Schrader.


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