Archives for April 2007

Work Continues

There hasn’t been anything posted here in a while. Here is are a few updates:
-UMR has three weeks left of school. In that time there is much work to be done on the house. Over the summer there will be five team members working full time for the team working on the house.
-The radiant floor system from Watt’s Radiant came in yesterday.
-A local roofing company, BlackJack Roofing, has agreed to assist with putting the roofing up.
-Look forward to more website updates starting next week.
-The glass wall from Solar Innovations has been ordered, it should be here soon (woohoo!)
-The windows in the shower will be switchable glass. The glass is normally cloudy, when a switch is flipped, the glass will become transparent.
-Rough-ins of plumbing and electric should start soon
-HAI, the main sponsor of the home automation system will have their equipment ordered soon.
-All of our PVC fittings came in this week from PVC Fittings.