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Window of the Future

The future is now when it comes to changing your current windows for an energy efficient window and an energy producing one at that. Simply adding a certain flexible film to your current window can result in a big change. A window that helps trap the sunlight in the winter to help heat your home and help cool your home during the summer. A concept that is epic and undeniably simple. Not only by opening and closing the window to control airflow but by the window simply standing there. Here is a lecture that is about 12 minutes long but really intriguing. Justin Hall gives a speech that will want you to take action with the beginning image of an iceberg breaking apart and an image of a girl dyeing of thirst in the end because of our current methods of energy production and usage. He is telling us about a solution that scientist from around the world have been working on. He talks about the concept of how to master carbon and have it react with graphite to make an almost supernatural window. Graphite is blasted by a vapor that helps change the form of carbon to be more conductive than copper. Carbon at a nano scale is also conveniently transparent. You can affix this to your window with a polymer to help repel heat or attract it. In addition to this the technology can generate energy in a clean and cheap manner at a microscopic scale. This easy manner is taking two nano materials with a detector and an imager in between. This material takes inferred at night and converts it to an electron. Store this electron, release it and you have energy. Hold this electron in a tank to store it. If you don’t need it you can beam it across to your neighbor. Thus the end of a power grid and a big welcome for free energy. All future energy can be beamed from one energy efficient window to another. All in all, sun light in the day and inferred at night combine on one window to be a source of clean power that we all need.

“The power plant of tomorrow is no power plant.” —- Justin Hall
-Julie Glenn
Solar House Team Member