Hyload modified PVC membrane

This is an awesome product that graced the roof of our Chameleon House. This was an element that was put on our flat roof to block out water, and serve as a physical buffer between panels and the roof. This served as a great staging area for the home in conjunction with the solar panel set up. Another purpose it served well for was to prevent actual leaks and to aid in the movement of water off of the roof. Modified PVC membranes have many advantages that range from being lightweight and easy to manage, to having a very good seam strength. The fact that we have to transport our Chameleon House to California meant that any kind of element on the roof has to have a certain sense of give so to say. The tough, durable, and flexible characteristics are what is required for our Chameleon House. The Modified PVC membrane can restrict movement without having any type of cracking or splitting within the roofing material. Our roof membrane was a white color, to help reflect sunlight thus adding to the element of passive solar use. The PVC hyload membrane serves a better job of being more efficient verses the alternative black roofs that most homes utilize. The darker roofs add a lot of extra unnecessary heat because the dark color basically absorbs the sunlight and holds a huge build up of heat. Keeping a lighter color on the roof is ideal because solar panels are more efficient at cooler temperatures anyway.






Looking at the pictures you can see the students on top of the Hyload PVC membrane and the other picture shows the white membrane overhanging one of the Chameleon House sections.