University Name Change

For anyone out there who doesn’t know, the university is changing from UMR to the Missouri University of Science and Technology or Missouri S&T for short.

To distinguish UMR from the other University of Missouri campuses; to reflect the university’s national mission; to broaden market share for the best students nationally, and to enhance the university’s reputation.

Effective immediately please know that all of our websites and e-mail address have changed from to For the time being will work, but is soon to be disabled.
Main Website:

Solar village takes shape

Fortunately, the UMR Solar House Team builds its houses in easy-to-take-apart sections (well, relatively easy). Here, part of the house built for the 2002 Solar Decathlon awaits a transitioning to a new, permanent foundation. Read More…


HGTV thinks UMR solar house has big style

HGTV is planning to come to Rolla next month to shoot an episode of Small Space, Big Style. Read More…

2006: A Solar Odyssey

Something strange is happening in Joel Lamson’s back yard, where a black monolith, several stories high, has taken up residence. Read More…