We Have Windows and Drywall

Exciting news, yesterday we got all of our windows delivered from Quaker.  They came in around 1pm when Cory and I unloaded them and brought them into the bedroom for storage.  We received a total of 34 windows and they all look great.  You are probably wondering, wow that is a lot of windows, and you are right!  we have 16 ribbon windows going along the top of the north wall and 16 more along the south, plus two kitchen windows.  Take a look at our renderings at our website www.solarhouse.mst.edu

Also we got our drywall delivered today thanks the the generous donation of USG.  The delivery truck from River City Materials came around 3pm and unloaded it all in one load to the front of our house.  It was wrapped up before delivery, but we made sure to put a tarp on it just in case.  So if you are looking at our webcams the big blue object in front is the drywall.

I want to thank Quaker and USG for their generous support of our project!