Market Viability is in

The results of market viability is in. UMR took 4th place. I guess the architects didn’t like the house, but the builders and real estate agents loved it!

1 Illinois 114.35
2 Maryland 112.50
3 Penn State 109.95
4 Missouri-Rolla 109.55
5 Darmstadt 107.50
6 Santa Clara 106.00
7 Texas A&M 102.15
8 Georgia Tech 101.45
9 Texas 101.20
10 Colorado 101.00
11 Lawrence Tech 100.35
12 Carnegie Mellon 97.000
13 NYIT 96.600
14 Cornell 96.100
15 Montreal 92.000
16 Cincinnati 87.750
17 Madrid 79.800
17 Puerto Rico 79.800
19 Kansas 77.300
20 MIT 70.700


  1. Elizabeth Cummins says

    The UMR Solar House team has done an excellent job this week. I’ve been following the judging all week, and was very excited to see UMR come in #11 in the final scores. You should be quite proud of yourselves and your house.

  2. Elliot Kehoe says

    I was a little disappointed to see a house that cost nearly 5 times what the UMR house did to build trail the UMR home by only 2 points in Market Viability. Maybe it was their coming in 1st in Architecture, but I thought that a house with such a large price tag that doesn’t offer much more than a home costing significantly less would take a hit in the Market Viability constest. But what do I know?
    Either way, great job UMR; I was glad to see the house perform so strongly in key areas like Market Viability and all the categories reflecting the ability of the home to be completely solar powered!

  3. John Lueckenotte says

    Congratulations!! You beat out several notables, including Darmstadt (where Germany leads the world in solar applications), Colorado (my home, and prominent in solar industry), and MIT…LOL! Well done!!