Construction End – Competion Heats

Yesterday, we saw the close to the construction phase of the Decathlon. At this point they are not letting anyone drive onto the mall to deliver materials. Also no work is allowed to be performed while the house is open for tours or during the ‘impound time". According to an e-mail sent by Tom Meyers, the decathlon building inspector, only six teams have finished all inspections and two were practically finished. We were practically finished. The team did not meet the deadline because the transition strip between the laminate floor in the hallway and the tile floor in the bathroom had not yet been installed. Everything else checked out.
We had a late night at the site last night (what’s new?) making final preparations for the tours today. The furniture had to be arranged, The cabinets had to be stocked (for the meals we have to cook). Everything had to be cleaned and polished. Final checks had to be made on the plumbing and electrical systems. And any number of other things. As you saw from the earlier entry, CNBC video taped the house today. It has already aired once, and is schedule to air again at 1pm central.
We are trying to get some pictures up. You would not believe the camera issues that we have had this week. If there is anything else you would like to know about the house, the team or the competition, be sure to leave a comment here.


  1. Daniel Clark says

    Way to go everyone! I’m glad to see UMR/MS&T doing their part in the Green Revolution. Bring back a win!