Work day and meeting with Tom Wilson

The team had a great time meeting with one of our professional advisors, Tom Wilson.  A few members were able to give him a tour of the Solar VIllage so he could see all of our previous houses.  We then had a very productive meeting with … [Continue reading]

Thanks for making the Groundbreaking an Awesome Event!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the groundbreaking on friday and making it a great event.  We had a lot of amazing people come and all of the members of the team enjoyed getting the opportunity to talk about what we are up to with the 2013 … [Continue reading]

2013 Solar House Groundbreaking

This Friday, August 10th the team is hosting a groundbreaking ceremony and a "solar social".  The groundbreaking ceremony will be held at our build site on 10th Street in Rolla - on a portion of the property used for Missouri S&T's golf … [Continue reading]

Solar house team hard at work over the summer!

This summer the Solar House team was fortunate to be able to have six team members sponsored to stay in Rolla during the summer.  These students were able to work on solar house without the distraction of classes and other things during the … [Continue reading]

Our excitement for the 2013 US Solar Decathlon

When we were accepted into the Solar Decathlon we were pretty excited and we wanted to make sure everyone on campus knew that we got in. … [Continue reading]

Kansas City Remodling Show

This last weekend four of our team members were able to attend the Kansas city Remolding Show.  We had the opportunity to talk to many people who attend the show and talk to them about our team and about our next solar house.  We were also … [Continue reading]

Missouri S&T to build house for 2013 Solar Decathlon

The U.S. Department of Energy announced on Thursday it has selected 20 universities to participate in the 2013 Solar Decathlon, a competition involving the building of solar houses. Missouri University of Science and Technology was one of the … [Continue reading]

Window of the Future

The future is now when it comes to changing your current windows for an energy efficient window and an energy producing one at that. Simply adding a certain flexible film to your current window can result in a big change. A window that helps trap the … [Continue reading]

Solar Face-Lift

 The Missouri S&T Solar Village has been around since 2002 when the first house came home from competition. Did you know? Not everyone in the Rolla community did either. The village has been a sort of "best kept secret" of S&T, and many … [Continue reading]

Two is Better Than One

What could be better than the power and convenience of solar energy? As long as the sun keeps rising up off our horizon, we should have more than enough energy to absorb and use, right? Well, that may be true for most days, but not all. Because of … [Continue reading]