Come See Us in Kansas City

The Show-Me Solar team will have a booth at the Kansas City Remodeling Show presenting information about the project. We will be showcasing some of the new technologies that are going into the 2009 house.

The show will be February 6-8th at The American Royal Center.

For more information about the show, checkout:

Missouri S&T selected for 2009

The Missouri S&T Solar House received word today that we have been admitted to the 2009 competition. We have made changes to the internal working of our team and should be receiving more support from the University.
If you are interested in joining or supporting the team, send an e-mail to contact for more information.

2009 Project Begins

The team is back and now well rested after the 2007 Solar Decathlon. We have been working hard to get the 2007 house established on the foundation. To do this, we are moving all the mechanical systems to the basement. This will give the house a more normal feel when someone moves in next semester. At the same time we have been meeting over the last couple weeks to discuss design ideas and themes. We have a number of strengths that we are going to try to keep up the momentum on, but we also have a few weaknesses that we are working on plans for improvement. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Department of Energy’s Request for Proposals (RFP) is Due on December 7th. We have been hard at work getting this prepared.
The rumors floating around there were about 60 proposals sent in for the 2007 competition, of which 20 were accepted. For this competition it is expected they will receive more than 100 proposals.
We are very excited about the next competition. We more support internally from than school than ever before. We have more student interest. We have more corporate interest. All around, this is a very exciting and nerve wrecking time for us. So be sure to keep your fingers crossed to find out if we will be in the next competition to take place on the national mall in 2009.