Air Ducts in the Chameleon House

The Unico system® was added into our Chameleon House and I must say that we loved it for the high effective efficiency. The supply and sound attenuator duct is a small duct high velocity system.  It mixes air verses slowly permeating like with what happens with a conventional system. This makes the air flow even faster with a more even temperature through out the home.  There is a fast air exchange, with old air for new air being switched out at a rapid pace. The rapid switching of outside and inside air is very important in the fact that we have such a well-engineered house that results with a very air tight home. Another benefit of this product is how it is a fairly silent product overall. The reason for this is that there is the addition of a Unico sound attenuator that gets added to the end of a branch run. The combination of the sound control elements, insulation to prevent condensation from forming and the flexibility of the supply tubing made for an easy to install duct system overall that fits into any space. Over traditional HVAC systems this product eliminates drafts and can reduce the relative humidity in an additional thirty percent.

Personal experiences from the team say that this is a very easy to install. There was great response from the public tours as well during the Solar Decathlon 2013 held out in Irving, California.  They loved how the team blended the ducts in with our cloud like system that was put in the ceiling to serve as a sound absorber. The public also liked how cool our home felt at the end of the day in the hot California sun.  Upon entering the Chameleon House for tours people immediately noticed how along with a combination of our concrete flooring, placing of windows and this small duct high velocity system an overall comfortable living environment could be displayed and felt.

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Pictured below is the team installing exit vent outlets and the duct work. The Mylar outer layers of the piping is what can be seen in the background.

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