Save the Rainforest with Solar Power!

Any thing to help stop illegal logging is extremely important. There is now technology for smartphones combined with solar power to help watch over the rainforest and catch the bad guys. It’s always a challenge to watch over big amounts of land for banned logging activity. So, any kind of advancement towards combating these problems is a breath of fresh air. There is going to be a combined network of solar smartphones listening in to the noises of the rainforest and distinguishing the sound of chainsaws. They will be placed around the rainforest sporadically and work continuously. The phones can hear chainsaw motors in an area over .5km radius and this real time data will be sure to catch illegal logging.

It takes no time at all for some illegal logging to take a huge toll on protected ecosystems. Current methods can take time because its just using satellites to look for swaths of cleared land. This is slow and only useful after the damage is done. By the time someone can attempt to stop the chainsaws the loggers are well on their way. Having the real time network set up of smartphones all equipped to listen to audio frequencies gives conservation agents a fighting chance. These smart phones will then send out alerts when the audio of chainsaws gets picked up. A non-profit called the Rainforest Connection will be utilizing this first in Western Sumatra. They will be the ones in charge of an internet- based central database but alerts get sent to agents in charge of individual sections of forest.

Rainforest Connection will start out with 15 Android phones but hopes to create a stream of reuse by accepting outdated smartphones for this project. That is such a great way to not only save the rainforest but keep electronic waste out of the landfill. The main goal is to not only save the forest but to allow expansion of new technologies by allowing crowd sourced projects. The more systems set up the better! If you send your contact information along with the phone donation, Rain Forest Connection will be able to tell you exactly where your phone is being put to use.

To donate your old phone send it to:

Rainforest Connection

799 Clayton Street

San Francisco, CA, 94117, USA

article review by Julie Glenn

This is the link to give you more information about this clever innovation.

Stop!!! Before you throw away your old smart phone mail it in to save the rainforest!!!

Stop!!! Before you throw away your old smart phone mail it in to save the rainforest!!!