Solar Village Green House Highlight

Lavender is something of a last minute add to the Solar Village Green House but has really been a hit. This plant will actually emit a nice warm aroma and acts as a natural perfume so to say. It truly makes the green house more inviting because every time one opens the door they get a good whiff of lavender. The seeds taste as good as they smell. You can add it to vanilla ice cream or even plane yogurt. This combination will give you a smile for the day. Another tip is to collect the seeds and make sure they are dry. Then put them in a little mesh baggy and tie off with a bow. Put this in your car for a nice inviting natural air freshener. The fragrance lasts forever and has not faded out on me after a year. This acts as a great little goody bag for whatever function you may have. The all natural car fragrance that lasts forever.

Ingredient list for Lavender Frozen Yogurt just blend all together and serve:

Plain yogurt 3/4 cup

Blueberries 1/4 cup

Almond Milk 2 cups

Lavender 20 little flowers

Honey 1 tablespoon

Ice cubes 5 big ones

Natural Car Fragrance!

Natural Car Fragrance!

Lavender Frozen Yougurt

   Lavender Frozen Yogurt