Pleasures of using the Sun for Gardening!!

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The Solar Village has a new house in town and that’s a Green House. Watch out Chameleon House this puppy is in competition for the hotness factor!!! Plants have filled this baby up from top to bottom. Its filled with all types of herbs ranging from mint, oregano, basil, chives, dill and parsley. There are many places to check out ideas for what to do with herbs but let me give you just a few pointers. With mint you can make a tea, mint julep, mojito and the Solar Village favorite is mint brownies. Make sure you are 21 for some of those ingredients. Be sure to mash up more sprigs of mint than you think is fair because it will cut down on the strong taste of gin. I prefer the kick of vodka with mint. Parsley is something tasty to add to salads and even an omelet or two.  Dill has a little bit of a bitter taste but can add some zing to a soup.  Chives is an herb that has a little bit of an onion taste to it and is perfect to add to some lunch sandwiches. Basil could be used for fish and chicken. Making the decision to grow herbs on your own will be rewarding. They grow relatively quickly and are fairly hardy. When you start to have too many fresh herbs, simply dry them out. Then place them in jars to establish your own personal spice rack. Feel free to post in comment section any cool recipe ideas you have from utilizing garden herbs!!!  Post by Julie Glenn