Meet Emily Vandivert!


Project Manager Emily Vandivert posing for a picture with Chancellor Schrader.

Name: Emily Vandivert

From: Maryville, MO

Year: Senior

Major: Architectural Engineering

Why did you join the Solar House Team?

I joined Solar House because I am very interested in sustainable building design. I also think the fact we actually build a house that we design is super awesome.

What is your favorite part about being on the team?

The people I am able to work and interact with on a daily basis are incredible. I learn so much everyday from my peers and professionals outside the classroom.
What is your role on the team?

Nothing. Just kidding…
I am the Project Manager for the team. I make sure everyone stays on task and we meet our deadlines. Effective communication is key as I work with university faculty and outside sponsors.
What “Solar House” advice would you give to the general public?

Solar panels are great, but not the only option to increase the efficiency of your home. Building insulation and orientation and window type play key roles in the overall building envelope and can be implemented in the design phase without much added cost.
Random fact about yourself. Ready. Go!
I can eat a copious of watermelon.