The Steel is Here!

The Steel has arrived and is currently in the process of being put together. Starting on Saturday, team members gathered at the Student Design and Experiential Learning Center and began assembling the structure that will support the solarium. The first day was a little rough with many broken drill bits, but by the end of the day we were powering through section by section. 

On Sunday, the team hit a slight set back. Mother Nature decided to make it rain. Sad day :(. Fortunately the sun poked its rays through the clouds and allowed us to continue constructing the Chameleon House!!! …even if the rain did come back for a little to get us all wet… but that’s okay! We adapted to our environment and continued to make progress! 
Here’s a picture of some of the team members on what will be our solarium! 
Check back for more updates on the Chameleon House!