SPACE Architecture Tour

Members from the team recently toured SPACE Architecture in St. Louis in order to learn more from the companies and people in our own region who are implementing green building techniques. The company put a lot of effort into making their new office sustainable. They renovated a brick building on a brownfield site. The building features a superinsulated wall system, and radiant heating and cooling. The radiant heating features pipes running underneath the concrete floor, (right-hand image) supplied with hot water from the solar thermal array on the roof. The radiant cooling system (left-hand image) was designed to specifically meet the needs of SPACE and is supplied with cold water from the geothermal system beneath the parking lot. The panels were welded and assembled in the office.  
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Radiant Cooling_1.JPG Floor Window.JPG

We learned a lot from our tour at SPACE architecture, and appreciate their enthusiasm in sharing their heating and cooling techniques with us. If you know of any houses or buildings the team would be interested in touring and learning from, don’t hesitate to contact us at You can learn more about SPACE at their website: