Passive Solar Design Group Update

The Passive
Solar Design group has been working rigorously through the Fall 2010 and Spring
2011 semesters developing a series of energy models that evaluate the performance
of the proposed architectural designs. 
Using the energy modeling program Ecotect Analysis, the team is able to
estimate the effects that specific architectural elements have on influencing
the internal building environment.  That
is, evaluating how key building components, such as thermal mass, affect the
internal temperature, humidity and overall comfort of the building and its

The team has
also been investigating daylighting design with the help of both Revit
Architecture and Ecotect. Using these tools the group is able to evaluate the
amount of daylight received by interior spaces at any time and at any place on
the planet. This allows the group to analyze and recommend the most ideal
placement of windows, overhangs and other shading devices.

The results
of these analyses will be used to direct the design of the upcoming 2013 Solar
House and enhance overall building performance as well as eliminate the costs
associated with poor design decisions. 
These tools are just one of the many reasons why the Missouri S&T
Solar House Team is leading the way in sustainable and energy efficient