The Weekend(ish) Update

With the portions of the soffit above the mechanical closet and in the bedroom complete, the team continued work on the remaining interior wall and sections of the soffit.  A group completed framing and placing the last interior wall.  Meanwhile, others kept working on the kitchen soffit.  The entire soffit along the north wall was completely attached and the western portion was framed out.  The day ended when we ran out of wood for the cross members to attached the western soffit to the wall.

Saturday morning began with a trip to the hardware store for wood.  During the day, the team cut all cross members for the western wall and installed the framed soffit.  The only major problem posed difficulties placing the soffit into the northwest corner were the soffit makes and L shape.  Upon completion, the members working combined their resources to frame out the ceiling above the bathroom.  This completion marks the end or major framing to the inside of the house.

Tuesday was brief with the most notable work being the complete framing of the chimney box that will house plumbing exhaust and water supply to and from the evacuated tubes on the roof.  Other work was some minor touch-ups to the weekend framing.