Walls go up smoothly

Sip Installation – Amber Gomaz

The first day of SIP installation went pretty well.  Nothing went wrong except for at the very beginning.  Thermocore was unloading the panels when all of the sudden the boom truck transferring the panels to the ground almost tipped over.   Thankfully no one was injured and no damage was done to the panels.  We also got our hinges, but unfortunately they were not what we had specified. Hopefully we can get that situated so that we can install them into the roof.

It was not a bad experience working with the Thermocore men.  They knew exactly what they were doing so the installation went pretty fast.  Luke told all of the men that they needed to wear the hardhats we were providing , and a couple of the men thought he was joking, but if you were watching the live feed then you noticed that everyone was wearing hard hats.

There were quite a few people from the team at the work site today, so there were not many jobs to do.  Adam Smith jumped right in with Thermocore and helped align the panels.  You could tell that he had definitely done this before.  The rest of us just stayed on the sidelines watching the installation.  After about 2:00, we were able to get more involved, because all of walls were in place.  As Thermocore was placing part of the roof pieces, a few of us were cutting boards for the inside wall of the bathroom. 

For this being the first day of installation, everything went smoothly.  There were not any problems that arose except for when the boom truck tipped a little and the hinges not being exactly what we wanted.  I do not believe there will be any major difficulties tomorrow.  The roof panels are being installed, but without the hinges for now.

Special thanks to Thermocore of Missouri (http://www.thermocore.com/) and all of their people for working with us to get the exterior walls designed a built.