S&T and Mizzou Team up

Over the last few weeks the Missouri S&T solar house team has been making arrangements with students and faculty in the Architectural Studies program at Mizzou to work together on the 2009 Solar Decathlon. Last Saturday 16 students and 2 advisers joined us here in Rolla to discuss the partnership.
Being one of only two schools without an Architecture program, we need some help. After proposing the idea to some of the faculty, we found out they loved it. They are ready to hop on board with all-out effort. The first thing we needed to work out would be team structure. We have decided that Mizzou students will be primarily responsible for the architectural and interior design features of the house. S&T students will be primarily responsible for the systems in the house and "making it work." It will be great to have Architects fighting for the looks of the house and the engineers fighting for the systems and functionality of the house.
We had to come up with a new name that could incorporate the name of both schools into project. We have tentatively decided to call it the Show-Me Solar Project. Look out decathlon, the team from Missouri is back and better