Structure Completed on 07 Solar House

Thermocore of Missouri installed the structure of the 2007 Solar House in just 2 days. They started Monday, February 26th with a little trouble from the boom truck. It got stuck in the mud and we were not able to start until about 10:30am. After that, we had trouble getting the SIP panels off the trailer, they are heavy and the boom truck is… well… old. Once we finally got the SIPs off the trailer there was only one more hang up, the boom truck was not tall enough to lift a long stud above the north wal. Tuesday was an even more interesting day… school was cancelled because of a bomb threat, so we had a lot more students able to come out and work on the house. The entire structure was completed around 1pm. That night a few students stayed around till 9pm to wrap the house for a little weather resistance.

This is around 11am, just after we got the boom truck out of the mud.

Here is the boom truck tipping because it can’t lift the SIPs off the trailer.

Here is a large wall being moved into place on the subfloor.

The north and east walls below 8 feet are installed. Notice the sponsors banner on the left. Thanks Sponsors! We can’t do this with out you! By the way… we are still in need of money and product donations. Email, call 573-341-6794, or send a check made out to UMR with a memo of Solar House and send it to:
112 ERL
1870 Miner Circle
Rolla, MO 65401

Check out all the blue boxes on that wall. Thats for the home automation.

This is the progress of the house after day 1.

This is the last panel!

The structure is done! I really like this design.

Here is a view of the space where the operable glass wall will stand. It will follow the curve of the roof.