Ameren UE helps to create a dream come true for a small restaurant!

Outside patio with a view of the Saint Louis Arch in the background!! The Gate way to the West!!!

Outside patio with a view of the Saint Louis Arch in the background!! The Gate way to the West!!!

A cute little establishment in Saint Louis is making that big leap to going solar and they are going about it in a unique way with the help of Ameren UE, which is a power company! They are building solar canopy carports in their parking lot adjacent to the Ameren property in Saint Louis. Vin de Set is a French restaurant in a historic building that dates to 1876 and owned by Paul and Wendy Hamilton.  The building is known as the Centennial Malt House and originally it housed the Schnaider Brewing Company.  There are other things currently housed in this building such as Moulin event spaces and a PW Pizza as well. Vin de Set is the place to be for that view of downtown Saint Louis, view of the Arch, good food, fancy drinks and now a chance to see a Solar Panel array.  Solar technology on this historic premise is to be deep in progress by the end of September. The photovoltaic system is expected to be 25- kilowatts and the carport canopy will cover a long row of vehicles. This canopy backs up to the east side of the lot and Ameren UE will buy any extra power from the restaurant. The cost of the project will be $98,000 but there are a lot of things in place currently to help lower the cost. Some federal help will be through the Solar Investment Tax Credit and Ameren offers a $2 per watt of installed solar capacity. Ameren will offer this amount up to $50,000 via project installment.  If you are ever in Saint Louis be sure to stop by this fun restaurant called Vin de Set and treat mom or your significant other to good eats. Of course the ultimate treat in my books would be to check out the Solar Carport Canopy and sip on some wine!!

Check out the Ameren UE website and get in contact with them before you do your own solar project! There very well could be rebate programs connected with this awesome utility company. They even have a get started page to really help your home or business along.

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By Julie Glenn